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How It Began

As a seasoned cooking expert and food consultant, Khadija commenced her food itinerary back in 2017 while she got training in food consultancy and the catering realm in Paris. While studying she realized the lacking of beneficial and right sort of food consultancy, authentic catering, and expert cooking classes in her hometown and therefore decided to bridge the gap back in the hometown in her unique sense of style.

As a passionate food lover, she started as a competent food consultant which she is still doing and offered fun yet informational cooking classes to food enthusiasts. Her love for quality and standardized food and her incredible appetite to bring out new recipes is what makes her stand out from others and is the motivation behind finding and opening doors of DEJA in 2019.

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Our aim is to expand the business steadily yet progressively without ever compromising on the quality and essence of our food.


We keep experimenting and adding new flavors to our menu, to give our clients diverse food pallets to choose from.


Being a huge admirer of eco-friendly food procedures and incorporating the local food procedures, we belive in sustainable growth.

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What are we up to?

how is it going

Being a creative and experienced recipe developer, she has traveled around the world to learn and get a taste of the extensive variety of diversified food from places that are rich in culture and experiences and has ensured to infuse that taste into her local taste pallet and rage of recipes. Her idea of food focuses not only on the taste rather she believes in food that Not Only Tastes Yummy but Looks Yumm Too!

In 2020, Being a successful food entrepreneur, Khadija has successfully launched DEJA Home and DEJA Catering and plans on adding new ventures under DEJA Food that not only promotes authentic food but also makes people aware of the rich and amazing stories and cultures behind the recipes. By adding unique and quality recipes to the already extensive food menu, Khadija wants to maintain and keep updating it from time to time to let her clients taste the best of food.

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