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Crispychickenontoast Desserts in Lahore
Crispy Chicken on Toast
Brioche bread, mushrooms sauce, sweetcorn, crispy chicken strips drizzled with hot sauce
dejadefault DejaByKhadija
Eat The Rainbow
Toasted multigrain bread, corn and pea mash, pickled onions, radish and homemade seared cottage cheese
dejadefault DejaByKhadija
Fall Flavours
Toasted multigrain bread, luscious hummus, grilled chicken, crunchy chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, seasonal green drizzled with balsamic glaze
hothoneypot Desserts in Lahore
Hot Honey Pot
Crispy chicken toasted in hot honey topped with coriander chilli slaw served on buttered brioche bun with hot mustard sauce
Hunterbeefontoast DejaByKhadija
Hunter Beef on Toast
Rich spinach sauce, homemade Hunterbeef, whipped feta cheese, onions and jalapeno. Served with greens, fries and dip
mushroomontoast DejaByKhadija
Mushroom Toast
Balsamic mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, parmesan sauce and a chilli egg scramble with roasted garlic
dejadefault DejaByKhadija
Labneh Toast
Homemade labneh whipped with herbs, garlic and pink salt topped with sticky garlicky tomatoes, chilli onion crunch oil and fresh herbs
Toastieplate Deja By Khadija
Toastie Plate
Tasting plate with three flavours of the toasties, for those who cant pick one! - Hunter Beef on Toast - Crispy Chicken on Toast - Mushroom Toast